3-Schools Free

Want A 3-School Package With Us For FREE?

We are going to select 2 lucky folks and guide them for FREE on a 3-school package for Round 1 2017. To be one of those 2, send the following by June 3, 2017 to 3-schools-free@squareoneprep.com:

■ Resume (include college GPA, extra-curricular activities during and post college)

■ GMAT/GRE score report

■ List of schools of interest

■ Proof of your annual income/financial resources

■ 1-minute video telling us why we should select you (if too large to send as attachment, include link to source)

We will interview the top 10 finalists and select the final 2 based on need, merit, and evidence of having something special that is impossible to mistake when we come across it. We want to make partnering with us accessible to more people because we know we give our clients a significant competitive advantage. We also know that admissions consulting is unaffordable to many. So here’s your chance to make it not only affordable, but FREE!

We started this competition in 2016 and are thrilled to say ALL winners thus far have gotten offers! Results are below:


■ Client 1: admitted to Anderson (with $40K scholarship) and Kellogg

■ Client 2: admitted to Ross and Sloan


■ Client 1: admitted to Judge (with $18K scholarship) and INSEAD (with $20K scholarship)

■ Client 2: admitted to LBS, Sloan (waitlist)

If you are interested in applying next year, great! Applications will be due on June 3, 2018.