The Team

Meet Our Team

Meet our team of advisors who give their all to help our clients realize their business school dreams. They are why our success rate is what it is.

Alex Suri, HBS MBA

Amalia della Paolera, HBS MBA

Annie Bunje, Marshall MBA

Ariane Dweck, HBS MBA

Carmen Linares, Tuck MBA

Cassandra Johnson, HBS MBA

Christen Paras, Wharton MBA

Cindy Chang, Kellogg MBA

Collin Brady, Kellogg MBA

Crystal Nwokorie, Wharton MBA

Darcy Cain, Kellogg MBA

David Spector, Wharton MBA

Eva Leung, Kellogg MBA

Hannah Grill, Yale MBA

Jason Tsai, Kellogg MBA

Jeannice Tse, Booth MBA

Joe McDermott, HBS MBA

Julia Kurnik, Wharton MBA, HKS Graduate

Katherine Hatter, Booth MBA

Kathleen Danoher, HBS MBA

Krasina Koleva, Johnson MBA

Lara Avsar, HBS MBA

Manasa Yeturu, Kellogg MBA

Mary Winograd, Wharton MBA

Matteo Ratteghieri, Wharton MBA

Melanie Espeland, Columbia MBA

Sarah Hellman, Kellogg MBA

Suyash Mishra, Yale MBA

Vanessa Frances, Wharton MBA

Wonita Williams, Kellogg MBA

And if you want to learn even more about our team, meet our founder who can't imagine a more rewarding way to spend her days (and often nights) than providing clients the support they need to move from square one to business school.

In 2009 Kathryn Lucas founded Square One Prep, an MBA Admissions firm that has partnered with 550+ clients and sustained a success rate that no other firm matches.

With a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Auburn University, after which she practiced architecture for seven years, and a MBA from Wharton, Kathryn ventured into MBA Admissions in early 2003 when she became a GMAT preparation consultant at Veritas Prep. Later that year, she joined the commercial development team at Forest City Ratner to help manage the development of Atlantic Yards/Barclays Center, a $4 billion, 7 million square foot, Brooklyn-based project designed by Frank Gehry. She dedicated herself to that endeavor until June 2007, when she left the world of development to write a book, It Is What It Is, published in July 2008. Inspired by how her book motivated people to introspect, face challenges, and dream big, she then re-joined Veritas Prep as an MBA admissions advisor so she could continue to help people assess their lives and reach for their ambitions. Not long after, realizing that her approach to partnering with applicants was distinct and unusually successful, she started Square One.

Kathryn’s approach involves providing expert, hands-on advice with wit and candor, thereby making the notoriously grueling application process enjoyable for clients. In addition to providing strategic guidance to all Square One advisor/client partnerships and personally partnering with clients who prefer to work exclusively with her on their applications, she also conducts 100% of the firm’s free consults. She will frankly tell you if applying to business school is the right next move or not, as she believes it is her duty to help folks make smart decisions for their futures and spend their money wisely, even if that means urging a prospective client to understand that they aren’t ready for business school or that business school isn’t the right place for them. With expertise in creative writing, academic coaching, and marketing, Kathryn has personally guided more than 220 clients. Simply put, she loves helping folks make their aspirations come true.

Kathryn is also a member of AIGAC (Association of Graduate Admissions Consultants). When she isn’t busy helping her clients manifest their dreams she enjoys practicing yoga, traveling, dancing, and learning about new artists in the electronic music space.