David Spector

David believes that business school applicants will succeed if they can come to life in the eyes of the Admissions Committee, and thus be memorable. Passionate about helping his clients draw out their unique experiences and illustrate what motivates them through inspiring stories, David has a proven track record based on this principle.

David's path to business school was unconventional. He studied American History as an undergraduate at Columbia University. While there he wrote an award-winning thesis on the history of marketing in the organic foods industry, which led him to secure a job after college developing organic food brands for a CPG company. David’s career also includes stints working in the Obama White House and at Bloomingdale's on its International Marketing Team. David gained admission to several top MBA programs and ultimately chose Wharton. Since Wharton, David 's career has been equally colorful as he has launched a ski and snowboard apparel brand, which he runs while also serving as a Square One Prep Advisor.

David is fluent in French. He is an avid tennis player, fly-fisherman, and member of many LGBT organizations in New York City.

STATUS: Available for Round 1 2018