Jon Park

Jon Park is passionate about helping people see their own potential and reach for really big dreams. He has been fortunate throughout his career to have someone see his potential and push him out of his comfort zone to take bigger risks toward better things. Therefore he looks for every opportunity to help others push the boundaries of what they thought they could achieve. He has helped many of his clients at Square One Prep reach their dream schools.

Jon is a currently learning how to craft tech deals for a publicly traded healthcare tech company. Prior to this, he was an angel investor and the VP of Operations for a healthcare tech startup in Chicago. Prior to the start-up he was in Washington DC serving at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. He joined the Fed during the heart of the financial crisis and later became one of the youngest program managers for one of the largest supervisory banking programs at the Fed. His proudest Fed achievement though was helping a student earn a prestigious research assistant position and then mentoring him towards a PhD in Finance from Wharton.

Jon graduated with an MBA, with Honors, from Chicago Booth and a Bachelors of Science, Magna Cum Laude, in Accounting from Virginia Tech. At Booth, he served in numerous admissions functions: leading application evaluation, interviews, info sessions, and admissions panels. He also funded a scholarship for college students in his parents’ name at the University of Chicago.

Jon is living the California Dream in San Francisco, and is originally from Virginia. In his free time he plays video games with his nephew, exercises too much, and travels the world.