Sarah Hellman

Sarah thoroughly enjoys connecting with new people and uncovering their stories. She especially loves helping them move forward with achieving their goals, which explains why she loves guiding people through the MBA process, and has been doing just that for the last year at Square One Prep. Direct but supportive, she knows every client has an amazing story to share. She relishes helping clients discover their stories so they are able to craft applications that amaze admissions committees.

Sarah has her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, where she volunteered for and helped run the student admissions committee – giving her unique insight into the MBA admissions process from the “other side” after having reviewed and provided recommendations for almost 100 applications. Sarah is also a former client of Square One Prep (the first to become an adviser!) and can attest to the effectiveness of the Square One Prep method (which earned her a $100,000 scholarship to Kellogg).

Prior to business school, Sarah spent 5 years as an investment banker at J.P. Morgan in New York, where her love for people led her to volunteer to run the undergraduate recruiting team for University of Pennsylvania (her alma mater), as well as work on a number of people-oriented initiatives to improve the quality of life for junior bankers. During business school she held a number of internships in private equity, corporate strategy, and even sustainable farming in Cuba.

Sarah lives in Chicago, but is a Philadelphian to the core. She speaks Hebrew and Spanish and is on a mission to sample McDonald’s in every country (she is at 41 out of 119). Her fervent love of junk food is perfectly offset by her athletic endeavors – in her free time you can always find her training for a half marathon, power lifting meet, or her latest fitness interest.