Suyash Mishra

Suyash deeply enjoys helping people realize their goals. He has been advising MBA aspirants for over a year now and equates the admissions process to a detailed review of one’s life. There is nothing more satisfying for him than helping young, ambitious and talented people maximize their potential.

A native of India, Suyash graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Delhi in 2006. Immediately after graduation, he joined Mercer Consulting. Over 4 years, Suyash consulted with clients across sectors as varied as Chemicals, Infrastructure, Heavy Engineering and Media & Entertainment. In 2010, Suyash moved to the US to get an MBA degree from Yale School of Management. At Yale, he co-founded a business with two classmates to finance, build and operate a Steel Plant in Sierra Leone. Over the next 2.5 years, he secured funding commitments of USD 100M, negotiated tax exemptions from the Government of Sierra Leone and lay the groundwork for the project. After coming back to India, Suyash advised several startups and held leadership roles at Tracxn Technologies, a deal discovery platform used by the top Venture Investors of the world. Currently, Suyash is living in New Delhi and works at Invest India, the National Investment Promotion Agency setup by the Govt. of India. At Invest India, Suyash leads the Startup team, which executes “Startup India”, a flagship initiative of the Govt to promote entrepreneurship and startups.

Suyash is a huge sports buff and spends his weekends either watching or playing soccer. He also enjoys distance running, exploring new genres of music and engaging in deep conversations about movies with his friends.