Vanessa Frances

Vanessa enjoys the challenge of identifying people’s unique personal or professional stories and how to best communicate these anecdotes in a way that will differentiate them from the unbelievably competitive pack in a memorable way.

Vanessa was an Admissions Fellow at The Wharton School and has talked with numerous prospective students from all types of backgrounds about how to tackle the application process and distinguish themselves in the best light possible. She is trained to interview candidates and did that during her two years at Wharton. Her positive experience on Wharton's Admissions Committee and passion for helping people attain their higher education goals is what ultimately prompted her to seek out more opportunities for admissions-related involvement.

Vanessa is on her second year with Square One. Having completed her MBA/MA at The Wharton School and the Lauder Institute, she also has a strategy role at a tech company. Vanessa has a BS in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Princeton University. She has worked in a variety of roles and industries ranging from a finance analyst at Tesla to a design engineer at GE Aviation. She also has ample international experience, which helped her craft her applications to various international MBA programs and get offers.

Vanessa speaks Spanish fluently, Catalan and French at an intermediate level, and Italian conversationally. During her free time, she enjoys traveling with friends, visiting contemporary art museums, going to concerts, and trying out all the latest fitness trends.

STATUS: Available for Round 1 2018