Take A

Deep Breath

And Relax


You're at square one with the application process.

Partner with us to ensure your next destination is business school.

We’ve helped 1.200+ clients since 2009. 90% succeed and 35% secure scholarships.

Our focus is not client volume or revenue; it is you.

With a proven approach, we offer you a team and level of support no other firms do.

Who is on our team?

■ Your Advisor helps you build all your work
■ Your Career Narrative Expert works with you and your Advisor to craft your career goals
■ Square One Leadership works with you and your Advisor to help you select schools and recommenders
■ Square One Leadership reviews the work you build with your Advisor (excluding LORs).
■ Our Lead Editor and Editor, both Ivy League educated with MFAs in creative writing, review the work you build with your Advisor (excluding LORs).
■ Your Partnership Manager oversees your partnership logistically
■ Our Tech Platform has your smart schedule and app resources, as well as info on 100+ schools

How do we offer you unmatched support?

■ Did you see the team you get with us? No firm matches the coverage we offer you
■ On a first school we spend 55+ hours as a team. Other firms spend less than 1/2 that
■ Our maximum advisor : client ratio is 1:6. At other firms it's 1:20+
■ We work with 150-200 clients per year. Our competitors work with 1000+
■ We apply 3-4 layers of rigor to your work. Other firms offer 2 max.
■ We have no limits on number of reviews or how often we talk with you
■ Our typical turn-around time on files is 24 hours. At other firms it's much longer
■ We help you create submission-ready work as you go. No other firm does that

Applying to top business schools can feel overwhelming. We'll make the time you spend on apps, while rigorous, rewarding. Our clients’ reviews illustrate that. Who are our clients? They’re folks from all types of professions and all parts of the world. Although many have application challenges, they all have unique stories to tell; so do you. With an unmatched team and approach, we'll guide you to success. So take a deep breath and relax.

Most common application challenges:

■ Weak college GPA
■ Low GMAT/GRE score
■ Large gap in employment
■ College expulsion/suspension
■ Career goal(s) that at first glance may appear illogical
■ Numerous places of employment that appear to lack cohesion and/or are brief
■ Timeline to complete application(s) that seems unfeasible
■ Profile that places you in highly represented category of applicants

Our Track Record

First-time Applicants (90% of our client portfolio):


of our clients* have been invited to interview.


of those invited to interview have been admitted into a program.


of those admitted have been offered unsolicited scholarships due to the high quality of their applications.


has been the average scholarship amount.

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* This figure takes into account ALL our clients.

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