Need-based Program

Want to work with us and get a 20% discount?

Eager to make our services accessible to more amazing folks who typically couldn't afford us, we started this program in 2016. 100% of our need-based clients have succeeded. Want to be considered for the 2020 season?

■ Just fill out the free consult form

■ When we reply to schedule time to talk, submit proof of your annual income so we may assess if you qualify (the threshold in 2019 was $20K USD).

If selected, you must be willing to sign on for at least one school comprehensively, so we're able to give you the foundation to succeed.


■ Client 1: admitted to Judge (with $18K scholarship), INSEAD (with $20K scholarship)

■ Client 2: admitted to LBS, Sloan (waitlist)


■ Client 1: admitted to Anderson (with $40K scholarship), Kellogg

■ Client 2: admitted to Ross, Sloan


■ Client 1: admitted to Said MBA/MPP, Tuck (with $120K scholarship), Wharton

■ Client 2: admitted to Ross, Wharton (waitlist)


■ Client 1: admitted to Columbia, Kellogg, Ross (with $40K scholarship)

■ Client 2: admitted to Haas, Ross, LBS

■ Client 3: admitted to HEC Paris

■ Client 4: admitted to Sloan Fellows

■ Client 5: admitted to Tuck

■ Client 6: admitted to Tepper; currently waitlisted at Columbia, Harvard Kennedy School, Tuck

■ Client 7: admitted to Anderson, Booth (with $80 scholarship), Wharton

■ Client 8: admitted to Harvard Kennedy School, Stanford

■ Client 9: admitted to Stern