Need-based Program

Want to work with us at a 25%+ discount?

Eager to make our services accessible to folks who choose standard priced options, despite knowing those options aren’t as comprehensive, caring, or efficacious as what we provide, we created our PREMIUM NEED-BASED (PNB) service. Get the same process and experience as our PREMIUM (p) service clients, with just a few distinctions noted below:

■ Kathryn, our owner, leads school selection and reviews the resume and essays of P service clients. Some folks can’t imagine not having her in their partnerships due to the expertise she brings per her personal 97% track record from guiding 240+ personally over the years, while others understand the value but feel a Seasoned Square One Advisor can offer comparable oversight.

■ Kathryn attends the final call for each P service client to ensure they have built a bullet/adcom-proof vision and game plan to realize it.

■ If a P service client gets waitlisted at a school they work on with us, we guide them on waitlist work free of charge (typically we spend 5-7 more hours). With the PNB service, we charge hourly for that work.

■ P service clients get their choice of both career narrative experts. Wendy, currently with Wharton Career Management, works only with P service clients. Horatiu, the formerly with Career Management at Marshall, works with both P and PNB clients.

■ P service clients are guaranteed that their advisor has 3+ years experience with us, unless they choose an advisor who has less (many clients feel the right fit with a less experienced advisor). PNB service clients are not guaranteed that their advisor will have 3+ years experience with us.