Road Map to Your Apps


We know that when you graduate from college and enter the real world to focus on what could be your first fulltime job, the last thing you may want to think about after having been in school for 15+ years is…more school. Know that it is ok to live solely in the present for a while, even if you are confident that you want to apply to top business schools in the future, because top business schools want folks to have 3-6 years fulltime work experience before applying. But for those of you who want to start planning early to best position yourself to get into your dream program, then take a deep breath and relax, as we have a package for you. Our Road Map to Your Apps package.

We take the time to get to know you and then create an authentic game plan, which is critical. We do not want to manufacture you into a perfect applicant, as there is no such thing. We’ll ensure that when the time arrives for you to build your applications, you can convey perspective, progression, depth, success, leadership, teamwork, focus, vulnerability, self-awareness, promise, and yes flaws. Admissions committees want to “meet” real people. Real people, even those who attend programs like Harvard Business School and Stanford School of Business, are imperfect.

Creating your road map includes the following:

On this call, we help you understand how you compare to your competition by focusing on learning who you are from an academic, professional, extracurricular, personal, and school-positioning perspective. We also explain what admissions committees care about and why so that you understand why we ask certain questions, suggest certain actions, and discourage other certain actions throughout our partnership with you. O

Speaking of actions, we also help you understand your strengths/weaknesses and set forth strategies/actions to mitigate your weaknesses/highlight your strengths so that when the time arrives to build your applications, you have no weaknesses ideally. If you do still have one or two, we will have ensured you mitigated them as authentically as possible.

We work with you to understand if you are function (role) focused, mission (cause/issue) driven, or both when it comes to your career. We ensure that you seize opportunities to progress in your pre-MBA career and get involved in activities outside work if they could help you better explore career options or better ground your post-MBA career vision if your post-MBA goals are unrelated to your pre-MBA career (which is very common!).

If you don’t know what you want to do post-MBA (most people do not!), we are happy to begin to discuss that you. We are also ready to support if you encounter job changes and want to strategize.

One hour of guidance from a career narrative expert on our team is included in your package. If you need more, that work will be hourly.

We assess what level of school, at the start of our work with you, is within reach (e.g. M7, Top 15, top 25, etc). We learn what your appetite for risk is, ask you to assess 25+ school traits so we understand what matter to you when selecting schools, and educate you about schools. Please note that what level of programs is within reach can change during the course of our partnership based on your actions at work, outside work, and with test prep.

We help you determine what school events to attend to learn about the programs and build genuine rapport with the admissions committees/program heads. This work will be ongoing as schools of interest can change, and your level of engagement with the schools may increase as you approach the time of applying.

While some of you are such great planners that you have already taken the GMAT or GRE test while in college because the scores are good for five years, most of you have not. We are here to help you understand the differences between the exams and choose the one that is better suited for you. We will help you build a testing timeline as well as select a test prep consultant if you need one.

Once you take the GMAT/GRE exam, if you struggle to get a strong overall score or struggle with your breakdown scores (primarily the verbal and/or quantitative scores), we will work with you to plan mitigate measures.

If you must take the TOEFL or IELTS (scores that are good for only 2 years), we will help you select which test is better suited for you and build a test prep timeline with you.

If you performed poorly in the college classroom (low GPA), had few extracurricular activities during college, and/or completed a curriculum that lacked many quantitative courses (which is problematic only if you then struggle with the quantitative section of your GMAT/GRE test and have a career that doesn’t include analytics/quant.), we work with you to plan mitigation strategies/actions.

These are just a few of the weaknesses one might have that we are ready to help them alleviate.

Applicants often underestimate how much weight admissions committees place on letters of recommendation (LORs)/references. They are considered the most objective piece of your applications. They are important!

You aren't an applicant yet. For now, you should focus on building the right relationships so that, when you become an applicant, you have solid contenders to ask, contenders who will be eager to offer their support and are capable of crafting thoughtful LORs due to their experiences overseeing you.

We will help you navigate building those relationships.

You do not need to plan every aspect of your life. That said, we are here to suggest authentic ways to spend your time if you would find that helpful. We are also happy to be a soundboard to your ideas.

In addition to the above, we are available whenever you have questions about any aspect of your life that could impact your future business school applications. We are here for you.

Who will be on your Square One team? An advisor, partnership manager, career narrative expert, and Square One’s owner. You’ll select your advisor by doing 20-minute intro calls with 2-3 advisors. Your advisor will guide you during your pre-MBA years and serve as your advisor when you apply to schools, if you opt to work with Square One on your applications. Your partnership manager will oversee your monthly schedule and offer logistic support. Your career narrative expert will be on-call if you need career advice. Square One’s owner will join a call with you and your advisor once each year. You and your advisor will kick off your partnership with a 2+ hour Square One Assessment, after which every four months you two will do a 30-minute call for the duration of the Road Map to Your Apps partnership to check on your progress, assess strategies in play, and bond. Yes, bond! We know that when clients know we genuinely care about their growth and success, they focus even more on growing and succeeding.

Our price is based on the length of your Road Map to Your Apps package with us:

1 year ..........................$1,800 (4-5 hours of support)

2 years ........................$2,400 (5-6 hours of support)

3 years ........................$3,000 (7-8 hours of support)

4 years.........................$3,600 (8-9 hours of support)

5 years.........................$4,200 (10-11 hours of support)

If you need us for more than the hours noted, we're available at the hourly rate of $390. If you decide to entrust Square One when you apply to schools, we will deduct $650 from your school package price.

Because we will not work with you if we do not believe we can help you make your business school aspirations a reality, you cannot purchase our services online. We must talk with you to assess our ability to assist you.