Abhinav Singh

Abhinav Singh believes that there is an extraordinary story behind each person’s seemingly ordinary life journey. His core values have been shaped by his personal 4Ps: perseverance, perspective, passion, and people. Over the past four years, Abhinav has followed these 4Ps as a GMAT prep advisor and an MBA admissions consultant, enabling his clients to connect the dots between their disparate personal and professional experiences to create a holistic story that sets a perfect foundation to get the attention of top b-school admissions committees.

Abhinav graduated from National Institute of Technology after which he joined the banking tech industry as an associate at Royal Bank of Scotland. He later transitioned to consulting and worked at BCG where he advised clients across the pharmaceutical, automobile, and retail industries. Throughout his career, Abhinav realized that people were the magic sauce for great companies; to further learn what makes great organizations and people tick, Abhinav pursued an MBA at Wharton, where he not only delved deeper into the theories of business, organizational development, and analytics, but also immersed himself in diverse leadership roles including Consulting Club president, Wharton People Analytics Conference chair, and Wharton Dance Studio vice president.

Today Abhinav is with Microsoft as a People Analytics consultant, serving as a daily life coach to companies by helping them make better data driven decisions for their best assets – their people.

Abhinav is based in Seattle and originally from India. In his free time, he enjoys learning to play his guitar, exploring new restaurants with his wife and friends, and practicing taekwondo!