Alex Paiuk

Alex Paiuk loves coaching clients to achieve their dreams and takes great pride in helping others gain admission into Ivy League undergraduate schools as well as top tier MBA programs. Alex has been editing essays and mentoring others for close to 15 years by leveraging his wide range of experiences and penchant for diving deep into other people’s worlds to understand their unique points of view.

Over his 20+ year career, Alex has worked in energy, financial services, technology, healthcare, consulting, food, and non-profit organizations in the US, UK, Spain, and Afghanistan. He has designed bikeshare networks, IP markets, and both ecommerce and investment platforms; contributed at startups in digital healthcare, ridesharing, social media, fintech, and Industry 4.0; and worked in lower middle market private equity.

Alex has a BBA in Business Honors from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Harvard Business School where he acted as the associate editor of the student newspaper, co-wrote the HBS Show (a musical satire), and received training through the career services office to serve as a career advisor. Alex has been the head of his local HBS alumni association for seven years and is actively involved with interviewing Harvard applicants.

In his spare time Alex likes to coach little league soccer, practice laughter yoga, and play Dungeons & Dragons. He lives in Connecticut with his wife Cara, three kids, two dogs, and a bottle of aspirin.