Cam Maple

For as long as I can recall, my greatest passion has been uncovering the stories that define the people around me. As an advisor, I leverage this innate ability, along with on-time advice, patient support, and focused empathy to help you identify the unique aspects of your story that should be told on your journey to not achieving your business school dreams, but your career aspirations.

I graduated from Princeton University where I earned my B.A. in Public and International Affairs. As an undergraduate, I studied abroad in Rio de Janeiro; wrote a 125 page thesis analyzing the economic impacts of Affordable Care Act legislation; conducted a task force on the future of nuclear power with Gregory Jaczko, the former chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; and launched my first business – a photography agency embarrassingly named Picture Perfect.

I graduated with aspirations of combining my passion for quantitative analysis with my love for storytelling, which propelled me into tech, managing brand partnerships at Meta. After a whirlwind start to my career, I set my sights on business school, hoping to accelerate my trajectory and identify where to go next. I ultimately attended The Wharton School of Business where I found that and so much more. While there, I launched my second business, dove deep into the entrepreneurial community, traveled the world, and developed lifelong relationships. This experience imbued me with the foundation to take the next big leap – into the fast-paced world of growth marketing – the perfect nexus of quantitative analysis and storytelling. This pivot was one I set my mind to, devoting countless hours of preparation and planning toward, long before my acceptance into Wharton. I now “pay it forward” by helping others design and execute a plan to achieve their greatest goals.

When not working or coaching, I enjoy catching live music and collecting rare vinyl; spending time with my wife, Lauren, exploring the city of Philadelphia; and trying new restaurants.