Dan K.

Dan coaches folks applying to undergraduate and graduate school programs. He enjoys the process of helping people at inflection points think through what they want out of their education and career, as well as how different schools could be a good fit for them and what techniques they could use to attack their education and professional goals. Dan’s approach focuses on a mixture of helping his clients self-reflect, look backward, while also supporting them as they look forward to define their long-term goals and how to achieve them.

Dan has worked in consulting, investment banking, policy and investment roles, covering sectors such as energy, technology and sustainability. Dan holds a JD/MBA from Kellogg School of Management where he was a Cluster fellow, received scholarship funding and TA’d undergraduate courses. He earned a BA in Public Policy and MA in International Policy Studies at Stanford. He used his business school experience to pivot from consulting and policy to finance roles, and relishes working with clients to help them understand how they can use their graduate school experience to pivot industries and/or functions.

Dan has lived in Chicago, Washington DC, New York, Houston and San Francisco, and has worked across Europe, Asia, North America and South America. He has served as an interviewer for his consulting and banking firms as well as for schools he has attended.

Dan grew up in California, speaks mediocre Spanish, played soccer competitively until he got hurt Freshman year of college and now is a very minority shareholder of two professional clubs. He has also placed in chess competitions and won a chili cook-off.