Daniel P.

Daniel has mentored students applying to top colleges and MBA programs for over 10 years, resulting in admissions at Harvard, Wharton, and more. He is passionate about helping clients reap the rewards of self-reflection while crafting compelling stories that authentically capture their lives and hit the right tone with admissions committees.

Daniel has worked in product management, engineering, and venture capital. He has worked on his own startups as well as for larger companies across technology and healthcare. In his career Daniel has launched several products in both consumer and enterprise markets. Daniel has reflected on several career transitions already – such as choosing between a career in investing vs. business operations, as well as between a technical vs. business career track. In addition, he has mentored several people on transitioning into a career in technology. Daniel is focused on helping clients craft their applications, but also in thinking about what an MBA can provide and enable.

While Daniel has spent most of his career in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has worked in New York, Belgium, and China. Outside of work he enjoys rock climbing and reading.

Daniel holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an engineering degree from Johns Hopkins University.