Jeremy Watson

Jeremy Watson takes pleasure in helping others reach their goals, a passion instilled in him by his mother, who spent her career as an elementary school teacher. He has served informally as a mentor/coach to family and friends since high school, and formally since 2010 through The Future Project, University of Florida Association of Black Alumni, Kappa League, and most recently Square One Prep.

Jeremy has a deep passion for architecture and engineering. He actually designed his first building in high school. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida, he spent the early years of his career at Parsons, designing roads, highways, and transit systems for public sector clients. He also holds a Master of Urban & Regional Planning from Virginia Tech and MBA from Harvard Business School. Over 10+ years, he has curated a multi-disciplinary career across engineering, urban planning, and real estate development.

As an advisor at Square One Prep, Jeremy loves leveraging his experience to help clients, particularly STEM professionals and those with non-linear backgrounds, articulate and position their skills, experience and perspective as unique and valuable to MBA programs, and their futures post-MBA. When advising his Square One clients, he leans on his experience as an alum of Management Leadership for Tomorrow's (MLT) MBA Prep and as an admissions ambassador for his section while at HBS, both of which gave him invaluable insights into the MBA admissions process.

Jeremy is currently Senior Manager of JFK Infrastructure and Strategy at JetBlue Airways, where he leads the design and commercial development of two new terminals at JFK International Airport in New York City. When Jeremy isn't working, he is crafting new cocktails (he's a trained bartender), traveling or spending time with his wife and family.