Joe McDermott

As a former Air Force Officer, Joe has long enjoyed mentoring and coaching individuals who are striving to be the best they can be. At Square One Prep, he focuses on helping applicants thoughtfully approach the business school application process to connect the dots between their previous experience and future goals while telling a compelling story.

Following business school, Joe cofounded Arcanum Alloys, an advanced materials company that reengineered semiconductor processes for steel industry scale production of engineered surface alloys, raising $25M from top-tier venture capital. At various times, he led technology development, scale up, business development, and finance on the journey from PowerPoint deck to 20 ton coils. Even with the crazy startup hours, he frequently made time to help his junior engineers and friends craft successful applications to top business schools.

Joe has an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar and was awarded the John E Thayer Scholarship. He also received a PhD in Materials Science and Chemistry from Princeton University on a full National Defense Science and Engineering Fellowship and a BS with a double major in Chemistry and Physics from Georgetown.

Living in California with his wife and two young daughters, Joe has volunteered as an undergraduate admissions interviewer for Georgetown and Princeton for more than a decade and still gets excited to meet with each applicant. In his time away from helping clients craft captivating essays, he enjoys sailing, snowboarding, photography, and wine.