Julia Kurnik

Julia is a social engineer and entrepreneur, a theme that runs strongly throughout her career. This dedication and passion for helping others and bettering the world translates perfectly to admissions consulting, as she relishes working with clients to understand their motivations and then ensure they present those motivations in the best possible way throughout their applications. She finds great fulfillment in the track record she has developed over the past three years at Square One Prep.

In addition to working as an MBA Admissions Advisor, Julia is the Co-Founder and CEO of a start-up, FOCUS Foods. This social enterprise is bringing environmentally sustainable urban aquaponic farms to inner cities. She founded the company while pursuing a dual degree, including an MBA from Wharton and an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School. She went back to graduate school with the goal of starting her own company and believes that school is a fantastic place to do so.

Prior to graduate school, Julia was in the political world. Just out of college, she worked at an educational software start-up. Julia left the firm to go work on then-Senator Obama’s 2007-2008 campaign, primary-hopping around the country and then serving as the Regional Field Director of central Florida. She next worked in the political research and strategic consulting world before returning to President Obama’s administration as the Director of Research and Policy at the National Women’s Business Council. This unusual background leaves Julia dedicated to understanding an applicant’s full story and not simply getting lost in what is traditionally expected. Outside of work, Julia volunteers as an undergraduate admissions advisor for MIT, her alma mater, where she really enjoys getting to know and mentor high school applicants.

Julia lives in New Jersey with her husband, her young daughter, and her two cats who are still deciding how they feel about the newest addition to the family. When not working, Julia loves cooking, skiing, reading, and traveling the world.