Justin Kim

Justin Kim loves asking “why” to himself, his friends, and frankly anyone he meets. He also humbly believes that our passions are to be “developed” rather than “discovered” – and they are multiple and can change. Justin approaches the MBA application process as a two-part journey 1) to make sense of our lives by uncovering our fundamental motivations that we seem to know but can’t yet articulate and 2) to effectively communicate how those drivers were manifested in our personal and professional pursuits.

Justin attended The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Business School for a B.S. in Economics and an MBA, respectively. At HBS, he worked closely with MBA Admissions in his capacity as an elected section admissions representative as well as a member of the school-wide Admissions Executive Committee.

With professional experiences that include developing a poultry farming business in East Africa and advising skincare brands on M&A transactions in New York City, Justin appreciates what it means to have a non-linear career path – and knows how to help others craft compelling, coherent narratives regardless of how disparate their experiences may appear. Having moved to the US by himself at age 14, Justin also understands unique challenges that international students and immigrants have had to overcome. He enjoys working with clients who want to explore the personal growth they’ve had due to such experiences.

In his spare time, Justin enjoys reading about psychology and singing. As an avid singer since childhood, Justin served as Business Manager of Penn Glee Club, one of the nation’s oldest collegiate singing groups, with which he toured internationally and performed for President Obama at The White House. At HBS, he continued singing as part of HBS Show and the school’s own a cappella group, Heard on the Street, where he was President and Music Director. He is fluent in Korean.