Krasina Koleva

Krasina is passionate about helping her clients get admission into top business schools. Finding the right MBA program and building a strong story is a critical part of the application process. She takes natural interest in people and enjoys learning about their past experiences and dreams and then collaborating with them to build a compelling story. Having an objective person evaluate your application, answer questions and guide you through the MBA admissions process is critical to succeed. She's been that type of resource to her clients at Square One since early 2016.

Krasina is a former life sciences management consultant. She has worked for Campbell Alliance and Blue Matter in Boston and New York City. She has worked on projects ranging from evaluating the competitive strategy of a major medical device company to lifecycle management strategies for a recently launched product. Prior to business school she was with Arcadia Solutions where she worked on data-driven solutions for payers and providers.

Krasina has an MBA from Johnson at Cornell University and BA from Mount Holyoke College. She came to Mount Holyoke College as an international student on a full scholarship and graduated magna cum laude. During her time as a student she worked as a Peer Career Advisor providing career advice and reviewing resumes and cover letters for current students. While at Johnson, Krasina worked in the Admissions Office where she met prospective students to understand their aspirations and fit with Johnson, gave presentations about the MBA program and led school tours.

Krasina lives in a small town in Bulgaria. She speaks Bulgarian fluently and a little German. She is an avid traveler and loves spending time in nature hiking in the mountains or going to the seaside. She also likes reading, meditation and yoga.