Lee Kaplan

Lee Kaplan is enthusiastic about helping future leaders attain their goal of attending business school. She knows authentic stories showcasing accomplishments, struggles, insights and aspirations resonate with admissions committees. She guides her Square One clients with tact, honesty, and a focus on helping them find their voice so they outshine other applicants.

Lee’s pre- and post-MBA career has spanned many countries. She was in a US bank management program before moving abroad. She worked in Japan for six years, including three years at the consumer and industrial products company Kanebo, as their global English-language marketer and business researcher. She moved to Hong Kong for nine years where she was a brand manager, e-commerce and online media leader, and management consultant. Together with her own consultancy, her myriad engagements include international public and private consumer product, financial service, airline and hotel, technology, sports, and industrial companies.

Lee has an MBA from Chicago Booth and a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and Marketing from Florida International University. She has remained involved with Booth, serving as an alumni recruiter at Chicago Booth information sessions, talking with candidates individually about their aspirations and expectations and, when possible, interviewing applicants on Candidate Day.

Lee is a resident of Chicago but was born and raised in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL area. Winters still occur too frequently and last too long so she avidly sails during the entire six-month boating season. Year-round, she bikes and runs, supports the arts, does machine embroidery, reads and adds to the list of 58 countries visited.