Mary Winograd

Mary likens applying for top MBAs to training for body building competitions: a candidate may be initially qualified, but the rest depends on his readiness to work hard. Mary is hands-on and supportive. On year six with Square One Prep, she works hard alongside applicants. She is also tough. She tells the truth “without anesthesia” because she believes it’s always better to hear it from her than from admissions committees. She works on mitigating weaknesses (we’re all imperfect humans, after all), and on elevating brilliant work to even greater heights. She is exhaustive and meticulous. She won’t settle for anything less than a strong, bulletproof application.

With a background in investment banking, technology corporate development and executive development, Mary has worked for multinationals such as Citi, Nestle and Siemens. More recently, she has coached executives at confidential Fortune 500, global mega-cap companies. Her topics of expertise include persuasion (to board members, major shareholders, etc.), decision-making, conflict management, leadership and team development, and charisma. She also co-develops real estate (~150+ unit apartment buildings) since she likes to keep both her consulting and her operating muscles active.

Mary holds an MBA from Wharton and a B.F.A. in Business and Film/TV from NYU’s Stern and Tisch schools. She is fluent in English and Spanish and speaks intermediate Portuguese. When she is not pushing clients to unleash their charisma or fundraising and negotiating deals for her next real estate venture, Mary can be found weightlifting or spinning at the gym, organizing aphrodisiac food potlucks, or pre-producing a TV show on mental health care that she’s been asked to host.