Mary Winograd

I liken applying for top MBAs to training for body building competitions: a candidate may be initially qualified, but the rest depends on his readiness to work hard. I am hands-on and supportive. On year seven with Square One Prep, I work hard alongside applicants. I am also tough. I tell the truth “without anesthesia” because I believe it’s always better to hear it from me than from admissions committees. I work on mitigating weaknesses (we’re all imperfect humans, after all), and on elevating brilliant work to even greater heights. I am exhaustive and meticulous. I won’t settle for anything less than a strong, bulletproof application.

With a background in investment banking, technology corporate development and executive development, I haves worked for multinationals such as Citi, Nestle and Siemens. More recently, I have coached executives at confidential Fortune 500, global mega-cap companies. My topics of expertise include persuasion (to board members, major shareholders, etc.), decision-making, conflict management, leadership and team development, and charisma. I also co-develop real estate (~150+ unit apartment buildings) since I like to keep both my consulting and operating muscles active.

I hold an MBA from Wharton and a B.F.A. in Business and Film/TV from NYU’s Stern and Tisch schools. I am fluent in English and Spanish and speak intermediate Portuguese. When I am not pushing clients to unleash their charisma or fundraising and negotiating deals for my next real estate venture, I can be found weightlifting or spinning at the gym, organizing aphrodisiac food potlucks, or pre-producing a TV show on mental health care that I've been asked to host.