Pranjal Singh

Pranjal (Praan-J-uh-l) Singh is passionate about helping clients realise their business school dreams. He has a collaborative working style that involves diving deep into the application process alongside his clients, guiding them to use the canvas of the application and the colours of their talents, experiences and strengths to create a compelling self-portrait for the admissions committees.

With a background as a law graduate from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, a strategy consultant with Monitor Deloitte and an MBA from the London Business School, Pranjal enjoys working with both traditional and unconventional clients. During his time in law school and afterwards at LBS, he mentored several aspiring law/business school entrants. At LBS, he continued coaching as VP of Personal Development with the Women in Business Club, VP – Careers & Advancement within the Marketing & Strategy Club, and a Peer Leader with Careers Centre to support students recruiting for Consulting and Marketing roles. He also pro-bono consults several budding start-ups on go-to-market and customer marketing strategies.

Pranjal is currently part of the internal strategy team of a leading global telecommunications company, and has prior experience in entrepreneurship, technology, luxury, and consumer goods industries.

Pranjal is based in Stockholm and loves to spend his free time gorging on history books and savouring the sun while hiking and cycling. He is also a great cook, often treating friends and colleagues to a variety of Indian delicacies.