Ram Iyer

Ram V. Iyer is a 5-time entrepreneur, Silicon Valley venture capitalist and MIT graduate with master’s degrees in engineering and business. A robotics engineer and business strategist with experience at Boeing and Lucent among other well-known companies prior to his entrepreneurial and VC endeavors, he is a collaborative partner and patient straight-shooter. His practical insights have helped his clients make better choices, and create more compelling applications. He is a coach, mentor, author and public speaker, roles that give him a sage set of skills to guide his Square One clients to craft applications that connect with admissions committees. Whether you are looking at traditional 2-year MBA programs, or specialized offerings such as the 1-year MBA, EMBA, or Leadership programs, Ram will help you find your genuine fit and voice, and secure top-tier offers.

As the former president of the MIT Club of Princeton in central New Jersey and the worldwide MIT South Asian Alumni Association, Ram is well-connected with a range of alumni who provide broad perspectives on career choices, which Ram then brings to his Square One partnerships to help clients ground their thinking in a cutting edge, real-world manner.

Ram is a prolific writer and podcaster who has published almost 150 articles and interviewed over 200+ people on various aspects of how to succeed in business. He is currently writing a book with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith on the mindset of successful immigrant professionals. He is an avid world traveler, foodie and cook who has been to 35 countries and 48 American states.