Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson, Square One Prep’s Lead Editor, is an award-winning writer and producer who has been working with writers to help make their writing pop since he ran his high school comedy magazine… Working alongside Kathryn, he uses his creativity, sense of humor and eye for detail to review every piece of Square One Prep client writing to ensure it shines the best light on clients’ applications and sets them apart from the pack.

Samuel graduated from Harvard in 2007 with a degree in Russian Literature—his favorite authors are still the Russian greats—and from the feature film producing MFA Program at USC in 2009. While at Harvard, Samuel was a writer and editor of the longest-running comedy magazine in the world, the Harvard Lampoon, for four years and became its Vice President his senior year. He also wrote and produced a musical comedy as part of Harvard’s “Arts First” Festival. At USC, Samuel was awarded the Jack Oakie scholarship for excellence in comedy screenwriting and a second-year production grant for a short film he wrote.

Since graduating, Samuel’s writing has appeared in the Huffington Post and Nat. Brut as well as on Cartoon Network and Pixl TV. He continues to write screenplays which have been selected by such organizations as the Cinestory Foundation Fellowship, the WeScreenplay screenplay competition, the StoryPros screenplay competition, and Shriekfest Film Festival.

For the last eight years, Sam has worked with students applying to MBA and other graduate programs to craft the most compelling essays possible. He approaches each student as a unique individual—as there is no cookie-cutter method of writing a winning MBA essay! He has read and edited thousands of essays.

Samuel speaks French, Mandarin and Russian and will talk your ear off about movies if you let him.