Shreyas Lakshminarayan

Shreyas Lakshminarayan is passionate about helping his clients reach their dream business schools. He has an encouraging and focused style, guiding clients to view the application process as an opportunity to showcase their intellect, introspection, and authenticity.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from PES Institute of Tech., Vishveshwaraiah Technological University, a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, and an MBA from Columbia Business School, he appreciates how valuable education is. That’s why he loves his work with Square One clients, and why, during his time at Columbia, he mentored 5th grade students in local schools and was a member of the I-Prep club to help coach vulnerable population segments (refugees, school dropouts) prepare for interviews. Shreyas was the VP of the Healthcare Club and the South Asia Business Association wherein he organized marquee annual conferences. He was also a key member of the week-long Immersion class in Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria), sharing his leadership experiences in the Middle East and India.

Shreyas is a management consultant with a broad array of industry experience and expertise in finance and healthcare (pharma/biotech).

Shreyas lives with his family in Toronto and likes to spend his free time exploring hiking trails and reading. He also loves quality time with his one-year-old daughter, which includes the art of feeding her without getting more food on himself than in her mouth.