Shubha Kumbadakone

Shubha Kumbadakone is passionate about helping people identify their unique stories and present their best selves to secure offers from top business schools and achieve their professional goals. Through discussions and self-reflection, she guides people so they can put down on paper a strong and clear message of who they are and how they will contribute to the schools of their choice.

Shubha has extensive experience in the technology sector. She worked as a product manager as well as a marketing manager for a billion dollar plus product line. She advised startups in the Berkeley Sky Deck Accelerator on product strategy. She has pitched to VCs, created business models and worked on go-to-market strategies to help startups secure Series funding.

Shubha has an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas and an MBA from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. At Haas, she was a Haas Fellow for the Entrepreneurship Club. She was also actively involved in the Technology Club and the Design and Innovation Club. In spite of a busy schedule, she set aside time to work as a coach for the Haas Undergraduate Career Center. As the technology industry expert, she coached students on ways to enhance their skillsets to land their dream roles. She conducted mock interviews, reviewed resumes and advised students on offer negotiations. She has helped numerous international students navigate the recruitment process and create a strong role-skillset fit. This typically involved considerable brainstorming with the students to understand their experiences and find correlations with the job requirements.

Shubha lives in San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys the year-long sunny weather with strolls on the beach and hikes up the beautiful California coast. She is an avid traveler and a foodie to boot.