Sunny Paiaaua

I love helping my Square One Prep clients broaden their perspectives of themselves, build strong applications, and secure offers that enable them to go to business where they will broaden their perspectives even more.

I was fortunate to get offers from several schools, opting to attend INSEAD because I saw it as a place with the most international perspective and community, something that’s important to me, having lived in 5 countries across 4 continents and speaking 3 languages (English, Japanese, and French).

Prior to business school and after getting my Bachelor’s degree from University of Sydney, I served in the Australian Army and then transitioned to management consulting. In tandem, I worked on various social impact initiatives including at the World Economic Forum and founded/ran two award winning non-profits. My propensity for service led me to take a social impact sabbatical with TechnoServe to help rebuild the international agri-business sector in Zimbabwe last year. That same propensity translates to my role as an advisor at Square One Prep. These days, in addition to guiding my Square One Prep clients, I live in London and work at Amazon where i shape the operational landscape of the world’s largest “everything store”.

Outside of my professional life, I am fanatical about living relentlessly - trekking the 9 day long Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, dancing under the Southern Cross in the South African national park, and getting lost in meditation at a vegan yoga retreat in the snowy Czech Alps.