Wai Cheng

As a former educator who got his MBA at Wharton-Lauder, Wai Cheng has an advising style that is caring and humorous, but also efficient and organized. Through his work at Square One, he hopes that his clients will not only gain offers to top business schools; he hopes they develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the confidence to make the best use of their MBA experience to pursue their dreams.

Wai’s interest in education stems from his time as a 1st generation immigrant, growing up in Chinatown, NYC. As the first in his family to graduate from college, he often heard education was the ticket to success, so after graduating from Tufts with a degree in International Relations, he became a teacher to 400 kids in rural China. After two years, Wai joined a company that mentored undergraduate and graduate students applying to American universities. The best parts of his experience were helping his clients grow during his time working with them, as well as after, as he keeps in touch with many to this day (some even attended his wedding!).

Energized by his clients’ dreams and ambitions, Wai sought an MBA to pursue his own aspirations within the tech and gaming sector. Meanwhile, Wai served as head of the Wharton Christian Fellowship, but was also active within Kids Club, Gaming and Esports Club, and Basketball Club. He also served as an Admissions Fellow, helping Wharton evaluate applicants holistically, and interned at Electronic Arts as a Brand Activations Intern.

In Wai’s free time, he is a big nerd. He loves anime, sci-fi/fantasy books, and international relations. He also spends too much time stopping his toddler, Isaac, from shaving his head and eating things out of the garbage. His dream is to one day watch the Knicks win a championship.