Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Considering a pivot in your career? Struggling with what questions to ask yourself and/or what research to do to better understand what you want with your career? Want to strategize how to thoughtfully expand your professional network to better position yourself for opportunities? Need to ensure you’re prepared for an important interview? Or just feel indifferent about your current career trajectory and don’t know where to start to develop a game plan that excites you? Start at Square One. We’ll help you answer these and other questions related to your career.

Our career narrative experts have the tools and expertise to support you with your career coaching needs. We take the time to get to know you and offer customized guidance that will both challenge and fulfill you, while also enabling your success. In addition to receiving hands-on direction from one of our career narrative experts, you may also get pro-bono input from Square One’s owner, who is known for surprising clients and joining calls to offer additional insight and feedback.

Our practical advice and actionable recommendations are rooted in a deep understanding of recruiting and the employment landscape. Our strategies and tactics have led clients to secure offers from companies such as BCG, Google, PayPal, JP Morgan Chase, Amazon, Bloomberg, Marriott, Samsung, Disney, Coke, Uber and SpaceX. So whether you need to refresh your LinkedIn profile and/or resume to align with your brand/goals, strategize your job search, or train for an upcoming job interview, take a deep breath and relax. We’re ready to guide you.

Because we will not work with you if we don't believe we can help you, you cannot purchase our services online. We must talk with you to assess our ability to assist you. After your free consult, we'll build a proposal and estimate how much time your partnership with us could take, as career coaching work is hourly. Our current hourly rate is: $390.