How are we different?

■ 90% of our clients succeed. 35% secure unsolicited scholarships.

■ We work with 150-200 clients each year, compared to MBA Mission and SBC, which work with 1500-2000+. Our process is focused on you, not revenue. That's why 45% of our clients post reviews on GMAT Club and less than 4% of their clients do.

■ We're transparent. Go here; we post the raw data of every client who succeeds. You can do filtered searches. Want to see people with sub-700 GMAT scores, sub 3.0 GPAs, 8+ years experience, or career gaps? They're there. You can see what schools they got into.

■ On a first school we spend 55+ hours. Other firms spend 1/2 that.

■ We have no limits on number of reviews or how often/when we are available to you. We work mornings, nights, and weekends.

■ Our max. advisor : client ratio is 1:6. At other firms it's 1:20+.

■ Our turn-around time on files is 24 hours. At other firms it's longer.

■ We apply 4 layers of rigor to your work. Other firms offer 1-3.

■ We help you create submission-ready work as you go. No other firm does that.

■ We'll tell you if you should work with us comprehensively or hourly on a school as we want to build trust with you. If we suggest you work with us hourly, you do, and you cross the break-even threshold, we will convert you to comprehensive.

■ OUR TEAM...please see below:

■ Your Advisor helps you build all your work for schools you work on with us. You're not passed around from one person to another.

■ Your Career Narrative Expert works with you and your Advisor to craft your career goals.

■ Square One Leadership works with you and your Advisor to help you select schools and recommenders.

■ Square One Leadership reviews your resume and essays - often 2-3 times to ensure they're as strong as possible.

■ Our Lead Editor, an award-winning Harvard-educated writer, and our Editor, a published author with a UPenn-Columbia-Harvard education, review your resume and essays before they go to Leadership.

■ A Partnership Manager is aligned with you and your Advisor to oversees your partnership logistically and gets answers to all your school/application questions. We proactively guide you. No other firm provides this.

■ Our Tech Platform has your smart schedule and application resources, such as samples of everything imaginable and data on your schools of interest.

No firm offers you the continuity and level of care that we do, whether you choose PREMIUM or PREMIUM NEED-BASED support. But if our words, through which we describe our distinctions, don't help you to grasp it, we hope seeing our process graphically does!