How are we different?


■ 90% of our clients succeed. 37% secure unsolicited scholarships.

■ We work with 90-120 clients each year, compared to our competition, which works with 1000-2000+. Our process is focused on you, not revenue. That's why 40% of our clients post reviews on GMAT Club and 5-10% of their clients do.

■ We're transparent. Go here; we post the raw data of all clients who succeed (test scores, GPAs, years of exp, career gaps, etc).

■ We have no limits on number of reviews or how often/when we are available to you. We work mornings, nights, and weekends.

■ Our max. advisor : client ratio is 1:6. Only our fulltime advisors work with 6. All our other advisors work with 1-3 clients at a time.

■ Our turn-around time on files is 24 hours.

■ We'll tell you if you should work with us comprehensively or hourly on a school. If we suggest you work with us hourly, you do, and you cross the break-even threshold, we'll convert you to comprehensive.

■ OUR TEAM...Top business schools teach that diverse teams create the most impactful solutions. Our diverse team, noted below and the most diverse among admissions firms, ensures you craft the most impactful applications. Who's on the team?

■ Your Advisor guides you on all schools you do with us.

■ Your Career Narrative Expert helps you craft your career goals.

■ If you choose PREMIUM service, Square One's Owner helps you select schools and recommenders. She also reviews your resume and essays.

■ If you choose PREMIUM NEED-BASED, A former M7 Admissions Officer helps you select schools and recommenders. She also reviews your resume and essays.

■ A Partnership Manager ensures you meet your application timelines and have a great experience with us.

■ Our Tech Platform has your schedule, which is always in real time, and application resources, such as samples of everything imaginable and data on your schools of interest.

No firm offers you the level of care that we do, whether you choose PREMIUM (P) or PREMIUM NEED-BASED (PNB) support. But if our words, through which we describe our distinctions, don't help you to grasp it, we hope seeing our process graphically does!