Anh Thuy Doan

Annie Doan is all about giving back. After getting tremendous help from her network to get into Kellogg School of Management, land a consulting internship at Boston Consulting Group and kick start her post-MBA career at Amazon, Annie is eager to help others achieve their goals. She has been a trusted advisor to many of her juniors, co-workers and friends navigating their application process and job search. Since joining Square One last year, Annie has broadened her impact beyond her network to help clients get into their dream schools. Having earned a 90% tuition scholarship at Kellogg School of Management, Annie enjoys helping her clients craft strong, unique stories that lead them to get both offers and scholarships. At Kellogg, she was a career peer coach, providing resume review, mock interviews and consultation sessions for her classmates to find the right career path. Also while Annie was in business school, she met her husband and therefore believes the value of an MBA goes beyond a professional level.

Annie is from Vietnam and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy) in National University of Singapore. She was a seasoned contract negotiator in the Oil & Gas sector, having worked at Siemens prior to her MBA. Today, she manages a retail category with revenue in the hundreds of millions at Amazon.

Annie lives in Seattle and adapts quickly to the weather. On sunny summer days, you can find her hiking through the beautiful trails of Mount Rainier. On rainy days during the rest of the year, Annie plays indoor racquet sports like squash and badminton. On most days, she enjoys cooking Vietnamese food and hosting friends.