Ariam Tesfai

Ariam Tesfai believes that there is great power in embracing the fact that there is only one ‘you.’ Ariam, thus, works with her clients to help them discover their individuality and assert their distinctive voice throughout the application process. This effort, albeit demanding, is also highly rewarding, as her clients transform introspection into applications that connect with admissions committees.

Ariam holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Boston College and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Prior to HBS, she was a management consultant focused on supporting clients across an array of industries with M&A transactions. In her business school essays and interviews, she strived to convey how her diverse experiences informed her goals and MBA pursuit. Her narrative proved compelling, gaining her acceptance to several top MBA programs and a full-tuition scholarship through The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management.

While at HBS, Ariam continued to use her story-telling abilities for recruiting, transitioning into a self-sourced role within the real estate sector. She was also a contributor to the school’s student news organization, the Harbus, and an active member of the Africa Business, Hospitality and Travel, and Real Estate clubs.

Ariam is based in New York City. She is fluent in Tigrinya, the native language of Eritrea. And in her spare time, she enjoys watching arguably gloomy foreign and/or independent films like “Life Is Beautiful” and “Manchester by the Sea.” She also loves interior designing; scouting the next best pillow or throw is her catharsis.