Karin Zhu

For me, attending business school was just as transformative as the schools advertise in their information sessions and marketing collateral. Because of that, I’m passionate about helping my Square One clients embark on their own MBA journeys. The application process can feel daunting, so I’m here to be a partner, sounding board, and confidant to you all the way to the finish line. With experience living in Germany, Switzerland, China, and the US, I bring a multicultural perspective to my work.

Prior to attending Harvard Business School, I studied psychology and philosophy at Northwestern University, which sparked my interest in understanding how human behaviors and motivations come together to form a compelling narrative. I also worked as a management consultant at BCG, where creating the most convincing presentations is all about connecting the right data points in your story. I enjoyed the experience so much that after attending Harvard Business School I returned to BCG!

While at HBS, I immersed myself in the community by serving on the Student Association, as Social Chair for my section, and as president of the Asian-Affinity Business Association. These interactions helped me gain an appreciation for the different ways students can enrich the business MBA experience with their own individual talents and perspectives.

In my free time, since college I’ve mentored underrepresented minorities on college readiness as part of two nonprofit organizations (America Needs You and Project: Vision) and found true joy in connecting with each student. I also love belting out tunes at Karaoke and learning about Instagram recipes that I try in my own kitchen. I speak three languages: English, German, and Mandarin.