Kelsey Wise

Kelsey Wise brings boundless energy as an advisor, coach, and mentor. She has an unshakeable belief in the power of people to grow to achieve remarkable things. As it’s her life’s goal to develop people in service of their goals, she finds absolute joy in guiding her Square One Prep clients.

Kelsey is a proud Minnesotan and grew up dancing and skiing in the Twin Cities. She is split 50-50 between her right- and left-brains and studied both Finance and Design at the University of Minnesota and HEC Paris.

After graduating with her undergraduate degree, Kelsey joined Deloitte Consulting, where she served Financial Services clients. She found joy at the intersection of the business and technology, where she used her passion for coaching to guide her clients through strategic technology transformations; product development and launches; and mergers and acquisitions.

Kelsey’s MBA experience was the best two years of her life. She graduated from Harvard Business School with Academic Honors and as the President of Section D. Her coursework focused on Organizational Behavior and Leadership. After graduation, Kelsey trained and worked in executive coaching where she used her passion for coaching every day.

Kelsey currently is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Operations at A-Rod Corp—the family office for athlete-turned-entrepreneur, Alex Rodriguez. She works across Investments, Operations, and Performance Management and enjoys the varied nature of her job.

When she isn’t working, Kelsey is still a coach. She’s currently training her rambunctious-yet-wonderful puppy, Millicent. Each winter, when she’s not searching for powder in the backcountry, she spends her weekends coaching youth downhill skiing. Additionally, she informally advises and coaches around interior design, health and wellness—a few of her hobbies. An avid musician, she plays the piano and basically anything with strings. She splits her time between Los Angeles, California and the Vail Valley in Colorado.