Lara Avsar

Lara is passionate about storytelling, a skill she developed during her childhood in Alabama where details of everyday southern life are made exciting through descriptive words, poetic lyrics, and powerful prose. She applies her “way with the word” to help her Square One clients find their voice and curate their life experiences in ways that captivate admissions committees.

In her life, Lara has applied to only two schools (Barnard College and Harvard Business School); she credits her 100% acceptance rate to her time spent introspecting and asking herself the right questions to ensure well-crafted, compelling applications. These days she asks her clients the right questions with the aim to give them similar odds with programs. Far from perfect, Lara embraces vulnerability and helps her clients feel immediately comfortable as she guides them in a supportive, but direct manner.

At Barnard, Lara was president of the student body and majored in Mathematics-Statistics and Middle Eastern Studies. Her professional background is in financial services and female-focused entrepreneurship. Lara was a non-traditional HBS student (she took a year off between her first and second year to start her own business!) and believes in the power of a non-linear career (and life) journey.

Lara lives in New York City and, on weekends, can generally be found in her West Village studio apartment sipping tea and doing the New York Times crossword puzzle. Lara also preaches the feminist gospel daily (as witnessed in her recent TEDx | Let’s stop the half-truths we tell young girls) and spends much of her free time mentoring young women.