Leila Meliani Cox

Leila Cox is passionate about enabling people to reach their full potential. She views the world through an inclusive lens, a practice she learned while growing up in an African American and Algerian family. After launching her career as a team leader in operations at a private industrial company, she joined the Human Capital Management division at Goldman Sachs where she spent three years developing strategic talent, equity, and inclusion initiatives. After earning her MBA from Harvard Business School, Leila pivoted to a career in Tech working in strategy & operations roles. In her current role as Strategic Projects Lead at BetterUp, a digital coaching tech startup, Leila applies her cumulative experience in coaching, strategy, and operations to advancing the company's mission: helping people everywhere live their lives with greater clarity, purpose, and passion.

While earning her MBA from HBS, Leila held multiple leadership roles to advance HBS admissions efforts as an admissions ambassador and on the African American Student Union board. She applied her professional expertise to the school’s Equity and Inclusion Council as the representative for the Women’s Student Association. She continued to expand her professional experience as a student through internships in management consulting and venture capital, while contributing to global research efforts on the career paths of women in executive leadership.

Leila developed her passion for writing at Howard University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English. To this day, she is most proud of serving as the commencement speaker for her class, sharing her story to connect with and inspire others. As an advisor at Square One Prep, she loves helping her clients craft stories that capture vulnerability, exude authenticity, and resonate with admissions committees.

When she isn’t working, Leila is feeding her passion for art and culture—constantly looking for more space on the wall to hang a new piece. She also enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.