Libby Knowles

I am passionate about introspection, human psychology and storytelling, and using all three as building blocks to help clients articulate what is truly unique about them in order to create effective applications. Winning applications bring a candidate to life by not only articulating to admissions committees what you have done professionally, but also who you are personally and why you are pursuing your path - all in a vulnerable, authentic way. The MBA application process is an arduous, but rewarding, journey through which you will learn about yourself personally and professionally. I love creating strong, committed partnerships with my clients to give them a safe space to share and work hard alongside me to help them get offers from the schools of their dreams.

I completed my undergraduate degree at Oxford University and began my career as a strategy consultant at EY-Parthenon in London where I conducted buy and sell-side engagements for private equity and product/growth strategy engagements for large corporates and growth companies. I received scholarships to both Wharton and London Business School, and completed my MBA at the latter as a BK Birla Scholar and Forte Fellow with a concentration in Private Equity and Venture Capital.

I now work as a Venture Capital investor in London focusing on Consumer and Consumer Tech. Through the MBA in London and an exchange with Columbia Business School, I built links with both the London and NYC venture capital ecosystems. I have coached dozens of students who are primarily interested in “unstructured” recruiting into startups, venture capital and entrepreneurship, and can offer insights into the steps required to pursue these career paths. That said, I love working with clients from all types of backgrounds and career aspirations.

In my spare time, I enjoy kite surfing, running, practicing yoga and hosting dinner parties.