Matt Hartford

Matt Hartford believes everyone’s business school journey begins with an answer to the Shakespearean question, “To be, or not to be?”. After conquering personal doubts about leaving his hometown where people plant roots like oak trees, Matt realized personal journeys can be lined with unexpected adventures and dreams fulfilled. He has a genuine interest in working with clients to understand their “why.” He knows that by carefully uncovering clients’ unique stories, he can help clients build strong applications while also help them realize how an MBA can launch them onto their own Shakespearean journey to BE something.

After graduating from Wake Forest University, Matt spent five years expanding PNC Bank’s corporate and institutional banking footprint, after which he sought a career outside of lending, and chose to attend Kellogg because of its powerful network and diverse programming. While at Kellogg, Matt led the school’s Chicago-MBA Community Outreach Program to raise money for the city’s underserved elementary schools. Outside of school, Matt earned extra cash as an independent business consultant to local entrepreneurs and as a bartender on the Wrigley Rooftops during the Chicago Cubs first World Series since 1908.

Matt now works as a Director for Strategic Advisors, a major Pittsburgh-area investment bank, specializing in consulting, valuation, and M&A. His success getting into “stretch” MBA schools and building an enriching career since graduating has invigorated a personal passion within him to help others exceed their own expectations with hard work…that starts with their application effort at Square One.

In his free time, Matt stays active by rollerblading and hitting the volleyball courts. He also enjoys painting and relaxing with his fiancé, Chelsea, and their cat, Fleur.