Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions set forth below are integral to the provision of services by Square One Prep Inc (“Square One Prep”) to any client (“Client”). When you purchase services from Square One Prep, you agree to these terms and conditions.

1) Limitations of Role

No Warranty. The role of Square One Prep is to coach and direct the Client, but it is the responsibility of the Client to write or rewrite (as applicable) the application (s) and supporting documents. Square One Prep cannot guarantee acceptance into any particular school.

2) Payment Plans

When the Client agrees to a payment plan, s/he agrees that s/he is legally bound to make all required payments under said payment plan and that these payments shall not be excused for any reason. If Square One Prep does not receive payment according to the set forth plan, the Client will incur a penalty in the amount of 5% of the unpaid payment 7 days after commencing with work/the invoice date. If Square One Prep does not receive payment within 14 days of commencing with work/the invoice date, the Client will incur a second penalty in the amount of 5% of the original unpaid amount, and Square One Prep will terminate or pause the partnership. If the Client becomes more than one month delinquent, Square One Prep reserves the right to contact schools the Client applied to in order to ensure the schools are aware that the Client has illustrated unethical conduct, as schools take unethical conduct seriously. If the partnership is a RUSH and Square One Prep does not receive payment within 7 days of work commencing, Square One Prep will pause or terminate the partnership.

3) Termination

Refund Policy. This Agreement may be terminated by the Client or Square One Prep at any time. Square One Prep will not issue any refunds for hourly services. For comprehensive services Square One Prep will refund the Client in full for any schools on which no time was spent by Square One Prep. If time has been spent on a school, the engagement will cease with an agreed upon outstanding fee or refund, prorated per Square One Prep time spent X the advisor’s hourly rate and/or leadership’s hourly rate plus a $600 processing fee.

4) Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

The Client may receive information of a confidential nature that may be disclosed by Square One Prep (the “Proprietary Information”) including but not limited to client questionnaires and sample essays, resumes and letters of recommendation. At all times, both during the term of this Agreement and after its termination, the Client agrees to keep and hold all such Proprietary Information in strict confidence and agrees that he or she will not use or disclose any Proprietary Information without the prior written consent of Square One Prep, except in connection with completing the Client’s applications.

5) Transmissions

Information the Client sends to any squareoneprep.com email address will be treated as confidential during the application season during which the Client is applying. After that period, all information the Client has sent to any squareoneprep.com email address will be treated as non-confidential unless you indicate otherwise, and may be used by Square One Prep for any purpose.