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November 25, 2017
Client from: France/China
Status: First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Medicine/Doctor
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 5
GMAT/GRE score: 730 (V: 42 Q: 48)
Undergraduate GPA: NA
Admitted to: Judge, INSEAD
Scholarship(s): $38,000
Service Type: Premium Need-based

Coming from a non-traditional background, I knew that I would need guidance throughout the MBA admission process. I managed to prepare for the GMAT by myself, but I was clueless regarding the other pieces of the admission forms.

The salary I had as a civil servant meant I couldn’t afford the premium rate of admission consultancy firms. One day, I noticed that SOP offers a 3-schools free package for 2 applicants based on their need and merit. I ended up being one of the 2 lucky folks. To my knowledge, SOP is the only firm that does this.

I cannot begin to describe how valuable Kathryn and Krasina’s help has been to me. It wasn’t easy though; SOP pushed me further than I expected. My consultant’s advice was critical to my success. The introspection and the career narrative process made me ask myself the right questions. I never would have been able to do this by myself. I believe that going through those steps with SOP will even help me in my future career!

On top of strategizing with me, SOP also made sure that my resume, essays and interview shine without sounding off. Thanks to SOP, I was admitted to Judge with merit scholarship and INSEAD.

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