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June 04, 2018
Client from: Portugal
Status: Re-applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Structural Engineering/Corporate Banking Sales
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 9
GMAT/GRE score: 740 (V: 41 Q: 49)
Undergraduate GPA: 18/20
Graduate GPA: 17/20
Admitted to: IMD, INSEAD
Scholarship(s): $55,000

In my first application to INSEAD I was rejected without an interview. I decided I wanted to apply again but needed to improve the application in all aspects. After getting more 70 points in my GMAT, it was time to get professional help for the application itself. I’ve contacted more than 6 different admission coaches, but no one was more enthusiastic, realistic, detailed and concerned with my application than Katheryn. I remember that even before hiring Katheryn and SquareOne Prep, we already exchanged several emails to decide which schools I should apply to. You hardly find someone as dedicated as Katheryn! When in partnership with SquareOne Prep, I always worked with Wonita, as my personal coach, and Katheryn. During a certain phase of the process, when we were developing my career narrative, Alana joined us, and this mix of opinions and contributions made my story, and the background for my essays, bulletproof. Working with Wonita was fantastic! With a lot of experience and a fantastic career, Wonita made the process seem very easy but at the same time very rigorous and complete. She was always very supportive and quick to answer all my questions and emails. When we worked all our way in one essay, the final test was passing it through Katheryn. Katheryn would review constantly our progresses to give an outsider’s perspective, which is something very very close to what happens with the admission council when they read applications. At the beginning I was afraid of having 2 pair of eyes looking at my application because I thought we could disperse and lose the core of my story and application. I couldn’t be more wrong! In the end having Katheryn’s analysis over my work with Wonita was something that assured me that my essays were at their best level.

With SquareOne Prep I felt a full support in all phases of the admissions , starting on LORs, Essays, Application Form completion, Interview preparation (this was a HUGE help for me to excel in my interviews) and even negotiating Scholarships! I couldn’t ask more from SquareOne, even though I’ be only assigned for a 1 school package, I still got a lot of good advices and recommendations for other schools that I’ve applied to.

In the end, and at my second try, I’ve got accepted into INSEAD with a scholarship (!), and also to the other school I’ve applied to, something that I could hardly achieve without SquareOne’s help! If you want a truly professional and complete service for your admission process, you can fully relay on Katheryn and Square One to do the job!

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