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May 21, 2018
Client from: United States
Status: First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Luxury Goods Sales
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 4
GMAT/GRE score: Not disclosed at request of client
Undergraduate GPA: 3.83/4.00
Admitted to: Anderson, Luskin (MPP), Tuck

Kathryn and Square One Prep came highly recommended from multiple friends who had worked with them and had been admitted into top business schools. As someone with a non-traditional background, I jumped on the opportunity to work with Kathryn because I knew I needed help honing my narrative and updating my resume. While I expected to get some valuable guidance, I did not expect Kathryn to be as instrumental to every part of my application(s) as she was. Kathryn spent countless hours on the phone with me in order to truly understand who I am and what my goals are. She created a master schedule for all of my application packages for each school as well as interim deadlines to make sure each task was done on time and done in the most efficient manner (no time is wasted with Kathryn!). Kathryn brought my resume up to business school standards and knew what was important and relevant to keep on the resume and what could absolutely go. Kathryn’s attention to detail and clarity of communication meant that nothing fell through the cracks. Whether working on essays, letters of recommendation or rigorous mock-interviews, I could always rely on Kathryn for direct and honest feedback. While sometimes hard to hear, that feedback was invaluable to me. Kathryn’s candor and straightforward nature helped me make adjustments both big and small to my application packages as well as to my own thinking. I was challenged by the process intellectually and emotionally because it requires deep, personal introspection in a way that can be uncomfortable but is ultimately necessary to create an authentic and competitive application. Kathryn pushed me to ask the hard questions of myself and of my aspirations and in doing so, she helped me recraft my story in a way that leveraged my skillset and set forth concrete goals with an understanding of the steps necessary to accomplish those goals. There is not a chance I would have been able to do this so articulately or with so much conviction (not to mention on this timeline!) without Kathryn.

In the end, I was accepted into three of the schools to which I applied and am very happily going to Anderson next year. The obvious thing is that I could not have done this without Kathryn. The less obvious and more unexpected thing is that I always felt that Kathryn was in my corner and truly on my team. She worked with me through the tedious and brutal parts of the application process as well as the more engaging and exciting parts, but most importantly, she was so present for and really invested in my results. When I got bad news and when I got good news, Kathryn was there and I knew she was rooting for me.

I would highly recommend Square One to anyone who wants to create their strongest application possible no matter their background or interests. Kathryn made the process manageable and helped me put my best food forward to go out and accomplish my goals.

Thank you, Kathryn!!

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