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January 24, 2019
Client from: United States
Status: First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Retail
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 10
GMAT/GRE score: 690 (V: 37 Q: 48)
Undergraduate GPA: 2.6/4.0
Career Gap: 9 months, 3 months
Admitted to: Columbia EMBA

Knowing I had to overcome several concerning areas (low GPA/GMAT, job gaps), I started researching consultants to help strengthen my application. After my initial call with Kathryn at Square One Prep, I could tell that their personalized approach was exactly what I needed to get into my top choice Columbia. Before committing to SOP, the team even sent through a clear working schedule in order to hit my ED deadline.

Once I started the process, I immediately knew I made the right decision. Within the first week, my consultant Gary spent hours getting to know my background and ways to better showcase my story. His guidance, along with Kathryn’s, was crucial in pushing me to create a unique and authentic application. I felt most challenged throughout the career narrative process, which felt discouraging at that time, but in hindsight, was the most rewarding part of the entire program thanks to Wendy, Square One’s career narrative expert. Due to her and Kathryn’s feedback, I was able to showcase my strengths and clearly articulate my goals in an organized, logical manner that made the essay and interview portion much easier. She made sure that my application highlighted the best parts of me, my experiences, and my aspirations. Throughout the process, everyone on the SOP team answered any and every question I had, all within a moment’s notice. My consultant Gary was very responsive and constantly worked to keep me on track with my schedule, even when I fell a bit behind at certain points. I felt extremely prepared from the resume, to the LORs, to the essays and was very proud of what I submitted in my application.

Overall, I would highly recommend Square One Prep to anyone looking for a comprehensive, strategic approach to the admissions process and don’t believe I could have done this without SOR’s expertise. They not only helped me achieve my goal of getting into the Columbia EMBA program but also helped me prepare for success in business school.

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