Testimonial Detail



December 12, 2019
Client from: United States
Status: First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Consulting
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 4
GMAT/GRE score: 730 (V: 44 Q: 47)
Undergraduate GPA: 3.86/4.00
Admitted to: Haas, Kellogg, Tuck
Scholarship(s): $160,000

I worked with Square One Prep on an hourly basis starting about a month before my round 1 application deadlines. Kathryn is obviously a seasoned expert when it comes to business school admissions but I was most impressed with her ability to understand me and my motivations after just an introductory call. It was really easy to open up with her. The most valuable service that Square One Prep provided was career narrative help. I didn’t realize how important it was for me to not only have a long-term and short-term goal after business school but also to have pretty specific details outlined. Kathryn and her team were honest and really helped me craft a narrative I used in all of my applications and all of my interviews (and even casual conversations). The narrative, importantly, was also authentic to myself and not something that we just made up to sound good to admissions. I think it will help me have a north star as I actually set out to do my MBA and surely encounter a lot of distractions/shiny opportunities. Additionally, my work with SOP definitely contributed to being offered a full-ride to Haas and a partial scholarship to Kellogg (my top two choices) which is obviously a huge plus!

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