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February 12, 2020
Client from: India
Status: First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Healthcare
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 6
EA score: 148
Undergraduate GPA: 61/100
Career Gap: 5 months
Admitted to: Sloan Fellows
Service Type: Premium Need-based

There might be behemoth companies outside but Sqaureone is very unique because being a owner, Kathryn talks to every candidate before accepting and she is so much involved in every process. Not every owner does it with so much passion hence your success rate is very high. Your have great team too and you give importance to quality than quantity and take each candidate very seriously.

Career Narrative discussions with Luis has prepared me to think deep and get more clarity for myself and prepared me so much for the interview.

Bailey, has been so helpful in following up and setting reminders and helping me to stay focused and thanks a lot for your prompt responses on the payments.

I have a ton to write about Ram, he is been such a great coach and human being. He made me to connect with my life more deeply , made my profile so compelling with all the bits and pieces of information that I gave. He made me believe myself , he is been always available and accommodated per my timings irrespective of his busy schedules, he prepared me for the interview multiple times and did a mock and prepped me even few hours before my actual MIT interview. Just like my own brother or father did, he gave me great constructive feedback to improve myself that shows how much he cared for me. Am glad and lucky that I went with Ram. Am looking forward to have long time friendship with Ram and meet him face to face soon one day.

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