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March 02, 2020
Client from: Middle East
Status: First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Consulting
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 6
GMAT/GRE score: 700 (V: 37 Q: 49)
Undergraduate GPA: 94/110
Graduate GPA: 110/110
Admitted to: IESE

I used SOP premium service to maximize the chances to enter into a top 10 MBA program. The situation was challenging as I was a R2 to R3 applicant, extremely busy (as a strategy consultant in the Middle East) with no much time to prepare, no GMAT score (yet), and, overall, the timeframe to succeed was extremely tight.

First, I had the chance to have several long inspiring and insightful chats directly with the company CEO, Kathryn, which literally opened my eyes on my strengths and weaknesses.

Second, I had the option to choose as a personal advisor Ram, a venture capitalist, who was 100% aligned to my career aspirations, and provided me constant feedback on my work.

I can say with no doubt that SOP services are priceless and a true personal and professional growth experience – even if you don’t get your desired admission, the learning that you get in storytelling and persuasion is really top notch.

Long story short, thanks to process (and also psychological) support of Kathryn and Ram, I managed to get admitted to my #1 choice (top 4-5 MBA program globally) and I can say that the way I shaped my essays and my career narrative would have been completely different without their advice.

If you want pragmatic, honest, tailored and effective advice for your business school counselling go definitely with SOP.

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