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March 19, 2020
Client from: Australia
Status: First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Financial Services/Consulting
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 5
GMAT/GRE score: 710 (V: 39 Q: 47)
Undergraduate GPA: 68/100
Admitted to: Kellogg, LBS, Stern

I got multiple offers (Kellogg, Stern, LBS) and I couldn’t have done it without the Square One Prep team. I called up Kathryn just 1 month before my first school’s applications were due – she told me I had the potential to get into some of the top schools, but I had to work REALLY hard – and she was not kidding. The first week or two were very intense – or “living hell” as Kathryn described it – especially if you are a RUSH client, but the team was super supportive and flexible with their timings to ensure you meet your tight deadlines (Bailey, who cracked the whip on your personal schedule, made sure of that).

The career narrative work was super critical to the whole process and the whole team was super involved, insightful and helpful in refining my thinking around why I wanted an MBA and how I can craft a great story for the adcom. I had 4 career narrative calls, each of them were attended my main advisor, Ram; a career narrative expert, Wendy; and Kathryn.

My main adviser, Ram, invested many hours over the phone (at every odd time possible). The first few days involved 4-6 hours on the phone just to understand who I am, my background, education, accomplishments, and work experience. The work was so thorough that at the end it formed a very compelling resume – a resume I could have ever imagined drafting myself. Ram was always accessible and was ready to bounce around ideas and explore different paths to take on my essays. Most of all he brings a unique perspective, and thinks about positioning your experiences in angles that really differentiate your candidacy. Ram challenged me to always push myself harder and reflect deeper to develop authentic, vulnerable, and compelling essays and interview answers.

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