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December 02, 2020
Client from: United States
Status: First-time applicant
Pre-MBA industry: Venture Investing
Years of experience at time of matriculation: 6
GMAT/GRE score: 740 (V: 40 Q: 49)
Undergraduate GPA: 3.04/4.00
Admitted to: HBS, LBS, Sloan

I’m an ORM with a very low GPA applying to M7. Interviewed several firms and independent consultants at varying price levels. SOP stood out immediately for a few reasons:

1. Dedicated attention: Weighs quality of applications over quantity of applicants, and it shows. For the free consultation, Kathryn took the time to review the material I had sent over beforehand and really listened. The call was over an hour; she gave me an honest assessment of my profile and her recommendations. This dedication was consistent at every step of my application process working with SOP; you can tell Kathryn really puts her heart into her work and the applicants.

2. Systematic approach: SOP was the only firm that could clearly explain to me how I would be working with them. I really liked their approach and just knowing a very structured process was there helped relieve a lot of stress. All the advisors at SOP I spoke with (some of whom used to be independent MBA consultants) commented on the rigor of SOP’s process.

3. Team-based: SOP was the only firm I found that took a team-based approach. You work with an advisor + the leadership team + career narrative advisor (Wendy) + coordinator (to help keep you and your advisor on track). This means Kathryn/leadership reviews everything that goes out and you get multiple perspectives between your advisor and the leadership team.

Jeannice. I immediately clicked with Jeannice. Applications are a very trying process and you need someone that will be real with you! I won’t forget that one essay where Jeannice/Kathryn and I went back and forth for weeks until Jeannice ultimately suggested to scrap it, and I was so relieved she did. I appreciated that she didn’t just let it pass even though that would have saved her much time/effort. Jeannice’s professional background is what initially drew me to her and I couldn’t have made a better decision. It was extremely effective that Jeannice related to all aspects of my professional background. She helped me tell my story in a way that adcoms would fully understand the impact of my achievements. She helped me uncover my own biases in my personal examples. Schools are looking for introspection, and my content was stronger/more relatable because of it. When it came to interviews, I couldn’t help but try to over-prepare content, but Jeannice helped me take a step back and focus on the delivery as well. Her feedback helped get me out of my head. My interview responses weren’t perfect, but it wasn’t canned. It made me seem human and show my interviewer who I really was (I was admitted to both schools that I interviewed for).

Wendy. The career narrative you write with SOP isn’t a part of the application process; it’s essentially a write up of your story/goals and the foundation to all your essays, especially helpful if you’re applying to multiple schools. Like many applicants, I was nervous about writing what I actually wanted to do post-mba thinking it wouldn’t fit the “profile.” I initially drafted goals that I felt made more sense, but Wendy helped me realize I couldn’t write about it with enough heart. Not to sound exaggerated, but the application process was very reflective for me and Wendy + team helped encourage me to pursue what I really wanted to do; it made my story more genuine at the same time.

I’m so excited to be attending MIT Sloan!

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